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 Concept, Fix & Flip, Buy & Hold, Credit Lines, Commercial, Exit strategy

Most REI funding sources cover one or the other.  We cover your funding all the way through.  Sometimes plans change or new opportunities jump out at you. That's why we have at the ready Credit Line Funding, Fix & Flip Funding, Buy & Hold Funding, even end buyer qualifying & funding options  to support your project's success.

​That's Full Circle!

Changes in mid-project happen and priorities change.  If you are dealing with a single category funding source, consider a long term, full circle view ... 

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For multiple property owners, LLC's & Corporations with a track record, we offer a working capital Line of Credit for new acquisition Fix & Flips as well as equity re-positioning your existing portfolio with Long Term Hold fixed rate financing and Blanket Loans with up to 30 year terms. 

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Is your next opportunity buy more important than your last?   We're right there to help you build on your success, with a broad spectrum of Project Funding Options; Business Development and Training Options to strengthen your business.  Join us at one of our events where creative warriors, & entrepreneurs just like you dissect the next market moves before the competition knows what happened.  Click on The Contact, Registration tab for details on our Real Estate Topic Nights, Ride Alongs and other Events.
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No other local funding source has you covered on the exit strategy like we do. With over 34 years of experience financing consumer end buyers, servicing Realtors and Sellers alike, we know how to market, place & deliver you a qualified buyer. Is your prospect buyer good to GO?   

How solid is your buyer's list? We help you strengthen your buyer's list with confirmed funding. Get more then just an on-line "proof of funds" e-mail. Know the real strengths and create deeper relationships with your top buyers.  Use a funding source you can both partner with for Full Circle success